Last Week’s Shoot – Leeds South Bank

This is actually a shoot from two weeks ago as I was catching up on processing my Scotland images last week!  I was going to an FSB networking meeting in Leeds in the evening and, as it was a sunny afternoon, I went along a bit earlier and explored the South Bank area a bit more.

Leeds Bridge
Leeds coat of arms on the Victorian grade II listed Leeds Bridge, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Crossing Leeds Bridge from the railway station, the late winter afternoon sunshine was catching the Leeds Coat of Arms very nicely, so I stopped for a few shots on the bridge itself.

The Tetley centre for contemporary art, Leeds
The Tetley centre for contemporary art, Leeds

Down Hunslet Road I had a look in the lovely art deco headquarters of the old Tetley Brewery, which is now a centre for contemporary art.  It’s well worth a visit – especially if you like contemporary art and/or old buildings!  Or even just a nice cup of coffee.

Leeds College of Building
Leeds College of Building South Bank Campus

Nearby, a much more modern building – the South Bank Campus of the Leeds College of Building also looked great in the afternoon sunshine providing nice graphic images against a plain blue sky.

Old Fletland Mills Buildings in Leeds
Old Fletland Mills Buildings in Leeds

From the College of Building I made my way to Leeds Dock and then back along the riverside, where the river frontage of the old Fletland Mills warehouse buildings were catching the setting sun nicely, eventually arriving back near where I started via Dock Street.

The Adelphi public house on Hunset Road and No 1 Dock Street, Leeds
The Adelphi public house on Hunslet Road and No 1 Dock Street, Leeds

Here, the Adelphi Pub, a grade II listed  Tetley Heritage Inn, and No 1 Dock Street were bathed in warm sunset light.  By this time I needed to head off to my meeting – happy that I had some images for the 2022 Leeds Calendar!

You can see all the images from the shoot in the West Yorkshire gallery on the website, where you’ll also find a preview of the 2021 Leeds Calendar!

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Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see

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