June Food Shoots Roundup

I’ve added quite a few new food images in June, again looking mainly at fresh food ingredients that I’ve had delivered from local suppliers.

Fresh strawberries in a plastic free punnet on a kitchen worktop

The arrival of summer fruits has introduced a bit of variety and made the after-shoot clear up in the kitchen especially enjoyable (and tasty!).

Fresh blueberries in a glass ramekin dish on a wooden chopping board with a handful of loose blueberries
Three fresh ripe cherries isolated on a white background

I’ve added a few more fresh, clean vegetable images too…

A single red bell pepper in a bowl isolated on a white background

Along with some fresh (and dried) herbs from the pots by my back door!

Three fresh bay leaves on a wooden chopping board

Whilst most of my images have had a light and airy high-key look, I’ve added a few low-key close ups this month too…

Three fresh asparagus spears against a black background
Close up of a single Braeburn eating apple against a black background
Close up of a fresh ripe strawberry against a black background
A single washed pomegranate with water droplets in a wooden dish against a black background

You can find all of my food images in the Food Gallery in my Alamy Portfolio. I had just over 300 images in this collection at the start of the lockdown and set myself a target of 1000 images – I’m up to 926 so not far to go!

About marksunderland

Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see linktr.ee/marksunderland.

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