New Christmas Images

I’ve been out and about locally adding a few new Christmassy images , which may make an appearance in my 2020 range of calendars!

Montpellier Quarter in Harrogate at Dusk
Christmas lights in the Montpellier Quarter at Harrogate

Montpellier Hill in Harrogate was looking particulatly pretty this year with white lights across the entrance to Montpellier Mews and Christmas trees in the shop windows.

Bettys in Harrogate at Dusk
Red fairy lights in a tree at Bettys on Parliament Street in Harrogate

I prefer to shoot my Christmas images at dusk so that there’s a nice “blue hour” sky rather than later in the evening when the sky looks black.  The sky always looks lovely, but at this time of year dusk means around 4pm so it’s also very busy so it can be quite time consuming to get a few decent images!

Knaresborough Castle at Dusk
Coloured lights on the King’s Tower at Knaresborough Castle

In Knaresborough this year the King’s ower at the castle is illuminated with slowly changing coloured lights – not sure I’m keen on the green and red colour scheme, but it looked good with a warm red glow coming from inside the tower…

Knaresborough Castle at Dusk
The King’s Tower at Knaresborough Castle floodlit at dusk

Over in Ripon, Kirkgate always looks very pretty at Christmas with the view along the street to the cathedral.

Ripon Cathedral at Christmas
Christmas Lights across Kirkgate in Ripon with Ripon Cathedral beyond

The market place also looked great at dusk, but getting a shot including the obelisk means standing at the edge of the square and working between the passing buses and vans!

Ripon Marketplace at Christmas
Obelisk and Chistmas Tree in the Market Place at Ripon

You can find more of the new images on the website at

Ripon Town Hall at Christmas
Christmas Tree in the Market Place and Town Hall at dusk, Ripon

About marksunderland

Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see

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  1. Mark, these are fantastic! Many of my favorite places! I know that some folks who follow me would love to see these images too– would you be willing to let me re-blog you (full credit and a praising of your skills to be proclaimed up front!)?

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