Last Week’s Shoot – York Castle at Dusk

On my last visit to York to photograph Clifford’s Tower at dusk the floodlights hadn’t been working so I’ve been planning a return visit for a while and with a nice still sunny afternoon last week it seemed like an ideal shoot for the first week of the New Year…

Cliffords Tower at York
Clifford’s Tower at Sunset, City of York, Yorkshire, England

I arrived in the afternoon to capture a few shots in the setting sun which looked lovely on the stonework of the tower.  I had thought it would be very quiet on a chilly afternoon in January, but there were still quite a few tourists enjoying a walk up the steps.

York Castle Museum at Dusk
The Castle Museum at Dusk, York

As the light faded and the floodlighting started to illuminate the buildings around Castle Green (or “The Eye of York”) I turned my attention to these, starting with the Castle Museum.

Cliffords Tower at Dusk York
Pink Sky over Clifford’s Tower at Dusk

The light changed very rapidly now so I seemed to be spinning round the Eye of York looking in all directions to get the best lit subjects – the pink sky behind the tower lasted just a few moments.

York Crown Court and Cliffords Tower at Dusk
York Crown Court and Clifford’s Tower Floodlit at Dusk

As the sky got darker the floodlighting on the tower became more apparent and the Crown Court building alongside looked impressive too – though they’re obviously invested in some lighting with a different colour temperature!

York Castle Museum at Dusk
York Castle Museum Floodlit at Dusk

The lighting on the old debtor’s prison, part of the Castle Museum complex certainly looked a lot warmer.

Cliffords Tower at Dusk York
Clifford’s Tower Floodlit at Dusk

With the last hint of light turning the sky a deep blue I turned my attention back to Clifford’s Tower for the last few shots to make the most of the floodlighting that I’d missed out on on my previous visit.

More images from the shoot are now up on the website – to see all my latest work please visit


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