Latest Work – York at Dusk

Happy New Year!  Although I’m starting the working year with the usual review of plans for the coming months, I had a bit of image processing to finish off from before the Christmas break so I got that out of the way and up on the website yesterday…

York Art Gallery at Dusk
York Art Gallery and Fountain in Exhibition Square at Dusk, City of York, Yorkshire, England

The images were mainly of York at dusk, though there were one or two new shots from here in Knaresborough taken on a very frosty day between Christmas and New Year.

Bootham Bar and Exhibition Square at Christmas
Christmas Lights on Bootham Bar and Exhibition Square at Dusk, York

Exhibition Square was the main focus of the York shoot – all the bars in the city wall had Christmas lights on them this year, and Bootham Bar looked particularly nice with the fountain in the foreground.  The theatre across the way also looked good and I couldn’t resist a shot of York Minster from the city walls on the way back to the station (main image).

York Theatre Royal at Dusk
York Theatre Royal at Dusk

As I rounded off last year by completing the uploads of archive material to the website this is the first post of new work where my edit of images is available direct from my website first!  As always, the full shoot will appear in my Alamy collection shortly.

To see all the latest images uploaded to my site visit

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Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see

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