Harrogate Royal Hall Jigsaw Added!

A week into my first ever Crowdfunder campaign – and with just a week to go I’m now very nearly 80% of the way towards my stretch target which will enable me to introduce a small range of jigsaws rather than just Knaresborough Viaduct at Sunset which proved the most popular Knaresborough choice!Royal Hall and Crescent Gardens in Harrogate

In fact, alongside the extra Knaresborough Waterside design already available as a project reward, I’ve just added a Harrogate jigsaw too!

This image of the Royal Hall from Crescent Gardens was the most popular on social media, so this design will make up a range of three local jigsaws.  It’s now also available as a reward on the Knaresborough Jigsaw Crowdfunder either as just the jigsaw or in a great value bundle along with the 2021 Harrogate Calendar!  And, as always, £2 from the sale of the calendar goes to Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity.

Montpellier Quarter in Spring at Harrogate The second most popular Harrogate design was Montpellier Quarter in Spring and I’ll add this one into the range too if we can get past 80% of the way towards my stretch target, and if we hit the stretch target I’ll look at rounding off the range of five local jigsaws with a Nidderdale design.

So, many thanks once again if you’ve pledged your support to the jigsaw project already – and if you know an avid jigsaw puzzler then please share the project with them too!  You’ll find it at:


About marksunderland

Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see linktr.ee/marksunderland.

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