Haworth at Dusk

I’ve not managed to get out with the camera that much so far this year with lots of jobs in the office to deal with, but I did have another trip to Haworth recently, as I’d wanted return to photograph the Main Street at dusk – and winter is a great time to do this with a nice early sunset!

Lower Laithe Reservoir
Lower Laithe Reservoir at Stanbury near Haworth, West Yorkshire, England

I allowed plenty of time though, and arrived in the afternoon with enough light left for a walk out past Lower Laithe Reservoir towards Haworth Moor.

Puddles on the Bronte Way near Haworth
Reflections in rainwater puddles along the Brontë Way near Haworth

I ventured out along a rather waterlogged Brontë Way, picking my way around the puddles.

Bronte Bridge on Haworth Moor
Brontë Bridge over South Dean Beck on Haworth Moor

I hadn’t intended to walk far, but inevitably once I got out into the moorland I carried on as far at Brontë Bridge and spent some time here around the beck and waterfalls.

The Bronte Way on Haworth Moor
Sunlight on moorland along the Brontë Way on Haworth Moor

I was tempted to carry on to Top Withens but wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for my dusk shoot, so I headed back along the Brontë Way as the sun descended.

Haworth Main Street at Dusk
Lights coming on along the cobbled Main Street in Haworth Village at dusk

Back in the village, lights were starting to come on in the shop windows and pubs which looked lovely around the cobbled Main Street.

Haworth Main Street at Dusk
Main Street in Haworth Village at dusk

It’s nice that there are no double yellow lines along the street – it’s a restricted zone (no stopping) but I lost count of the number of cars that came and parked outside the Post Office during my shoot!  Fortunately, in between the traffic I managed to get a couple of nice shots before the light faded…

Visit the website for more Haworth Images.

About marksunderland

Mark Sunderland is a retired landscape and travel photographer still taking the occasional photograph! For image licensing and prints see linktr.ee/marksunderland.

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  1. The Average Contributor

    Great shots Mark. I have just started to use WordPress to share my experience in stock photography just uploaded my first blog yesterday. Would love to get out and shoot some landscapes like yours.

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