Last Week’s Shoot – York at Christmas

Although it was still November (just) a number of Christmas markets had already cropped up so I thought I’d head off to York in the afternoon, have a look at the St Nicholas Fair and do a Christmas dusk shoot.

The Hospitium in Museum Gardens at York
The Hospitium at Sunset in Autumn in Museum Gardens at York

I arrived as the sun was setting and had a wander into Museum Gardens first where the tail-end of autumn presented some nice opportunities with fallen leaves.

York Minster at Sunset
York Minster at Sunset

Wandering into town I had a look at the Minster, which of course I’ve photographed many times at dusk already, but it seemed to have a particularly warm pink glow to it in the wintry sunshine just before sunset.

Christmas Shop on Stonegate York
Christmas Shop on Stonegate, York

I had a look along Parliament Street and the stalls of the Christmas market but didn’t get anything that I was happy with there so as the blue hour colour was approaching I headed back along Stonegate towards the main Christmas subject I had in mind at St Helen’s Square.  Along the way I found this pretty looking Christmas shop – and didn’t realise at first that it used to be Mulberry Hall (I didn’t even know it had gone!).

Stonegate in York at Christmas
Stonegate at Christmas, York

Looking along Stonegate to St Helen’s Square with a longer lens worked well, compressing the perspective of the shop signs and Christmas lights effectively.

St Helens Square at Christmas in York
St Helens Square at Christmas at Dusk, York

As the light faded I finished off in St Helen’s Square itself which I thought looked lovely with Stonegate and the Minster beyond.  A passer-by asked if I was going to sent a photograph to the local paper to complain about the terrible Christmas tree!  It does appear to be leaning over a bit (that’s not just a converging vertical!) but I rather like the simple plain white lights and it was a pleasing end to the shoot.

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