Last Week’s Shoot – Forster Square

Last week I finally got round to getting back to Bradford for a look at the revitalised Forster Square following the opening of the new Broadway shopping centre a while back.

The Broadway Shopping Centre in Forster Square Bradford West Yorkshire England

It was good to see how busy it was on my visit, though I have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the style of the architecture.  I’m not saying it’s a bad looking building – it’s clean, fresh and functional but I couldn’t help feeling it could have been a bit bolder – maybe I’d been spoilt with postmodern architecture on my recent visit to Birmingham!

Hole in Forster Square due to suspended work

Still, it’s a massive improvement on the huge hole that the city had to put up with for a few years when development on the new centre ceased in the economic downturn – the before and after shots here are from roughly the same spot.  The old one (above) was taken in 2011.

The Broadway Shopping Centre in Forster Square Bradford West Yorkshire England

It was also good to see the return of the W E Forster statue (featured image and below) which had been in storage during the works.

Statue of industrialist and MP William Edward Forster in Forster Square Bradford West Yorkshire England

There seems to have been some controversy into the way he’s facing (towards the new shopping centre) but I rather like it and St Peter’s House makes a nice backdrop.  In fact, the statue and the area around it with the cathedral up the hill was my favourite bit!

Bradford Mural in Forster Square Bradford

All in all, I’m pleased that the work is all finally done and I’m looking forward to going back again to see the restored City Hall when the scaffolding comes down.  I’m just wondering what has happened to the colourful mural at the temporary Bradford Urban Garden that was in place before the work resumed …


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