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Welcome to my new website!

Knaresborough Viaduct at Sunset in Late Spring

A very warm welcome to my brand new website. I think I’ve lost count of how many incarnations has gone through over the last twenty years – I had the domain for quite a while before I became a full time landscape and travel photographer back in 2004! However, I’m very pleased with this latest version based on the WooCommerce platform and I hope you’ll enjoy the new features that it provides, which are better suited to selling my new jigsaw products along with my existing calendar and card ranges.

Yorkshire Jigsaws, Calendars and Cards

Knaresborough Viaduct in Winter 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Knaresborough Viaduct in Winter 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The new website design provides a much richer product description pages for my jigsaw, calendar, greetings card and postcard products. There are also product image galleries, which are useful for displaying multiple pages from my calendars.

Another bonus over the previous website platform is that you can add an alternate shipping address to your order. So you can now send a calendar or jigsaw to a friend, which I know a few customers have been asking for! The shipping setup is also more flexible, so I hope to be able to offer additional shipping methods in the future. At present, I have added all of my existing jigsaw, greetings card and postcard products to the website shop. My new 2022 calendar range is also ready to view and will be available later in the year!

Yorkshire Stock Image and Prints

Images of Yorkshire

Whilst my previous website on the Photodeck platform had an emphasis on Yorkshire stock images, the new design is focussed on giving a better web shopping experience. So, rather than try to recreate the licensing functionality on the new site, I’ve created a new Images of Yorkshire stock portal. This uses the Picfair service to deliver both image licences and prints (including framed prints and canvases). You can read a bit more about this on the Stock Images page – or click the image to go straight to the stock portal! I’m in the process of uploading my archives of Yorkshire images at the moment, so not everything is available yet – but new images are being added all the time. You can also find over 20,000 of my images in my portfolio on Alamy.

Accounts and Mailing List

There are just a couple of practical points to note about the new website!

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to move account details across from the old Photodeck site (either practically or from a privacy point of view) so if you had a login on the old site those details won’t work on the new one (sorry about that!). However, it’s very easy to set up a new account on the My Account page. You can also check out without an account on the new site – or easily add an account in the checkout by ticking a box. If you need to access your order information on the old website you can still do so for the time being at

As my old mailing list was also hosted on the Photodeck platform it hasn’t been possible to carry that over either, so I’ve linked a new MailChimp list to this site which you can sign up to when you create an account, at the checkout or via the subscribe form.

Finally, If you’ve got any questions or comments about the new site then please just get in touch using the contact form, or leave a reply below!

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